Inconsistent MKV playback

I have what I believe is the prime Infuse setup – Apple TV to Airport Extreme via 802.11ac, Synology DS216j hooked up to Extreme via Ethernet. Infuse is really wonderful but I am having issues with inconsistent playback. I strictly use remuxes, all of which hover around 35mbps. Three nights this week we used Infuse to stream these remuxes without issue; played all the way through. Last night though, we tried watching one and it paused three times to buffer for 10-20 seconds.

What can I do to improve performance? It would be great if Infuse had an option to expand the buffer – I would be perfectly willing to let a file buffer for a minute or so before starting it so long as smooth playback is guaranteed throughout.

Having the exact same issues, same scenario, ever since the last update been having consistent issues buffering several times while watching a movie.

Hope there is a fix soon…

We’re working to have 5.5 with a number of improvements out next week.

If the issue persists after updating, please send in a report and open a support ticket so we can look further into this.

Unfortunately the update did not resolve the issue, video keeps freezing multiple times, will submit ticket.

Same problem…

You might want to submit a report like James requested in post #3 above where he replied to another user. The more info they can compare the better the chance to find a common problem. :wink:

I just started using Infuse on the Apple TV 4 a few days ago, to replace my Kodi machine but so far the performance hasn’t been on the same level. I watched 3 movies and all of them paused multiple times (3x in 30 minutes) during play to buffer for 10-20 seconds. Really annoying. With my previous setup I didn’t have any of these issues so it must be Infuse causing this problem? The Apple TV is connected trough ethernet by the way. I hope this I can be fixed cause I really like the simplicity of Infuse.

The current Apple TV hardware is limited to 100 Mbps when using Ethernet, but can go up to 1 Gbps via Wi-Fi. If possible, you may try switching to wireless as it’s very possible you will see improved performance.

Thanks, I just switched settings during a movie and didn’t see the buffering-pauses anymore during the time I watched. Hopefully it keeps working great. Was a bit hesitant to use the wifi option when there is an ethernet connection but if it’s performs better, why not :slight_smile:

I haven’t had this problem since 5.5.1, hope things stay this way. The update also made streaming a lot more responsive in terms of pause/resume and scrubbing.

Also note that 802.11ac – which is limited to 5ghz networks – has way faster speeds than N, or 10/100 ethernet for that matter.