Inconsistent meta data displaying

aTV Flash 1.2 and 4.4.4 - It seems that meta data can come from three different places. 1) XML files local to the file system (like the old ATVFiles on the first gen system) 2) Meta data that is embedded into the mp4 (m4v) file such as files populated by MetaX or the more modern option of iFlicks, and 3) Using the file name alone to pull data off the internet live. It seems to me there should be a hierarchy of precedence here. Is this so? Does the Media Player use all three sources? What I am using is a file based layout on a server to which the aTV does not have write access. All of the meta data is XML based but a lot of that is pulled from the files them selves so it would be nice to be able to just delete the XML and JPG files and have the meta data pulled from the mp4 (m4v) files but this is not a must. In any case this layout was rock solid under ATVFiles but when viewed with the Media Player the file lists sometimes look good, sometimes are out of alpha order, and sometimes – most frustratingly – appear first listed with their actual file names and then when you select the file on the screen in Media Player it seems to pick up the XML data (or is perhaps reading it directly from the file) and the name changes on the screen to what the file should be displayed as. However, if I navigate up out of the directory and then back into it everything is reset to the same frustrating state. Clearing our the meta data for Media Player does nothing to change this. I would love to dump the first gen system as the new aTV is much more stable but it is been a frustrating challenge with files just not being displayed correctly.