Inaccurate current playing time

According to “Info”, the elapsed and remaining time is shorter than the real one.
It will recover after a while.
TVOS 15 + Infuse 7.2.1

Any chance of getting a screen cap of what you’re seeing and where you’re seeing this?


Next time I’ll try.
The problem does not always occur.
1 out of 10 possibly 2 times.
Length: 45 minutes
Info: 11 minutes passed + 14 left
Real: 20 minutes passed + 25 left

Is it possible you’re seeing the actual clock current time and end time instead of the time in and remaining time? Like when you do two quick touches to the trackpad?

I didn’t know this feature.
I usually touch it gently once.
I may double sometimes.
Thanks for the information!

That caught me a little off guard the first time I did that and thought it had lost it mind.

Try the quick double touch and it will tell you the current clock time and the time the video will end.

Were you ever able to determine if this is what your were seeing?