In theaters

I have an apple TV 2 and have the latest version of software installed, but I seem to be missing In theaters, or movie trailers. I also am missing NHL Center Ice. Is there something I have done wrong or have these items been removed?


Mine is the same!

‘In Theaters’ option has gone from my apple TV2 since installing flash (black) 2.0

How do i get it back please?

Also, how do i uninstall aTV Flash (black)?

Not really worth the money, wish i hadnt installed it.

I noticed the same issue. In theaters/trailers is now gone. For the record I re-jailbroke with the latest version of Seas0npass today and am running the latest version of Black. 


Anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks for adding to this topic and letting us know that you re-jailbroke your ATV 2. Have you also lost NHL?

Thanks I hope there is a solution to this!

An update.

I started again from scratch and got NHL center ice back and trailers (In Theaters).I deleted all software that I had installed on the ATV2. re-installed apples software, jail broke once more then added the latest firecore software. ATV Flash Windows 2.0. The software upgrade changed the home screen view and their were the icons I wanted. I did have XMBC on previously, and I have not re-installed that. Hope this helps.

Give yourself an hour or 2