In iPad app, plex add gets stuck in loop

When I try to add my plex library on my iPad app, I click “connect to plex” it just says “request authorization code” and then loads the plex page.

Am I doing something wrong? It worked on my ATV

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Me too. I’ve delete and redownload the app about 10 times. I just can’t add Plex server. The authorization code window NEVER APPEAR. Infuse Pro 1 year subscription. I’ve try everything. Launching web app, disconnect, reconnect to my Plex account, I even allow pop-up window in Safari. I bought the 20 bucks Infuse Pro (that I already purchased 1 year) just to see if it will work, so I want my money back. Infuse Pro on same network, Plex Pass, Plex server is running fine, please help me. Im losing patience here. My iPhone is connected to my Plex server with Infuse Pro, had no problem at all getting the $%?& authorization code and link it with

Just try another time later and it works. sorry

Can you try it again today?

Sorry, this should be working again.

For a bit of background, Plex rolled out some security changes which broke Infuse’s (and maybe some other apps’) oauth access. This morning, they pushed a fix which allowed Infuse to work again.

Thanks for explication. Bad timing for me I guess