In-app Purchase per device?

Just purchased the Pro extension from in-app purchase on my iPhone to inlock streaming from my NAS. Next I checked Infuse on my iPad and - what? - I’m asked to purchase the extension again? How can that be? I would assume that upgrading once upgrades all devices. Am I missing something?

The way Apple makes the in-app process work is that you have to go through the purchase process on each device. However as long as the devices are registered to the same iTunes account the second and subsequent devices should get their purchase for free.

OK, go it. Just checked on the iPad and indeed the upgrade just had to be unlocked. Thanks for this info. 

I’m with the same problem. I have Infuse 2 Pro in my iPhone and my iPad has to pay for being pro. I tried the restart option but it takes all the steps until the payment method, where I stop. I’m using the same Apple account.


Just go through the motions… it will say that you have to pay, and once you “verify” your iTunes account info, it will say you already paid… its an iTunes/Apple thing… think of it as syncing a “cloud” account… you have to verify the account… it wont double charge you


Well, I will try again. The strange thing for me is that once it asks me for the Apple ID, I’d have expected to recognize the purchase. I only put the payment method when I’m going to buy an app. The rest of the time I have no payment method filled (just for feeling more secure). The process verified the accout with password and security questions. And then, it required me to fill the payment method. That’s why I thought it will make a charge again.



So I finally did the purchase process again and a charge was done. It started from the iPad Infuse 2 Restore button and after the account verification, it applied the charge to the same Apple account that made the first purchase, that time from my iPhone.


So it charged twice in the same Apple account. Is there a way to fix that?