In App Purchase for DTS

I feel compelled to express my frustration at Firecore’s decision to tie feature analytics to in-app purchases. The in-app purchase flow to unlock DTS support has caused me to date hours of troubleshooting with various family members confused as to why they have to complete the in-app purchase flow to view a title encoded with DTS.

If future decisions on gathering use of features in the app is discussed internally, I’d like to remind the team that using the in-app purchase flow is simply a blocker to many users who don’t want to enter their password using the remote and tvOS’ keyboard, or don’t have their accounts signed in on their AppleTVs or a myriad of other conditions which result in these users simply being unable to view media encoded with these codecs.

Sorry you are running into trouble here.

The recently released Dolby and DTS in-app unlocks are free for Pro users and follow the same App Store purchase method as the main Infuse Pro license, so normally if you are able to activate Infuse Pro then there shouldn’t be any issue activating these free purchases with the same account.

However, people use Infuse in many different ways, so if you are running into issues activating these for yourself or family members, you may consider using Trakt method to share purchases. In some ways this is a simpler option and can help avoid issues in certain cases.

More info can be found here.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for users which receive the Infuse Pro benefits as members of a family plan. They receive pro features from family sharing, but are still asked to purchase the in-app purchase (free though it may be) for the DTS feature.

All Infuse in-app purchases are shareable with family members via Apple’s native Family Sharing.

There are some hoops you need to jump through to ensure Family Sharing is working. Using the Trakt option mentioned above can help avoid these issues. More info on both can be found in the guide linked above.

I do understand that it’s not a technical blocker, but it’s inconvenient and confusing for non-tech-savvy users. They think the app is asking them to purchase it again.

I’m not really looking for support, I just wanted to provide feedback that for the goal you’re seeking - analytics on feature use - I feel your solution is inelegant and has a usability cost. The fact that any other app I’ve ever used doesn’t measure usage in this way should be an indicator that this wasn’t the best solution.

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