In-App Pro Upgrade

  1. I first downloaded the free version of Infuse on my iPad to test some videos I had. Once I was satisfied they would work I upgraded via in-app purchase so that I could AirPlay them. I would like to now install the Pro version via the app store but apple does not know I purchased the pro version. I know that I have the pro version on my iPad but the app store is only seeing that I have the free version what can I do so the pro version shows up as purchased?

  2. I have a blu-ray rip of movie in MP4 format. I cannot get AirPlay to show the video. I hear the audio but the video is not playing. From what I’ve read MP4 are supported AirPlay playable files. Any suggestions on what might be the issue?

I’ve seen the following post but wanted to see if there was anything firecore could do? Maybe provide an email link for a free download of the pro version?

The In-App purchase and paid app are separate, but contain the exact same features. The only real difference is the paid app will be eligible for Family Sharing, where In-App purchases are not.

Drop us a note at the link below and we’ll see what we can do to assist.