In app font manager

as now adding fonts on iOS requires another software, tvOS not support adding fonts.
so putting the font file directly in the infuse app might be a good solution.


As we all know, tvOS doesn’t support imported fonts. However, I think most people would like to have an option to use their fancy fonts. And for subtitles like .ass, all it needs is to have a font to load at the same time. Therefore, is there any chances that Infuse(tvOS) can read directly from user’s shares?

For example, Infuse would have to ask users to set their fonts share, then you could just load fonts from the share to make sure subtitles render the font correctly.

I don’t know if this could work or not, but I hope you could think about it. Just a suggestion, wish to have your reply soon.

Have a nice day to all developers.

May be worth adding your vote to the above as it seems like a duplicate.

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Thanks for the heads up. Moved it. :+1:

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Sorry about that, didn’t notice.:pensive:

Not a problem at all! I missed it too. Sometimes @Hitsville has to keep me honest. :wink:

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So what do you think about this idea? Is it possible?! It seems like not much discussion here.

As if.
I’m so geriatric I was using search on the forums for something unrelated and my blind eyes and fat fingers stumbled across the original request by accident. :joy: