Improving Speed for Ethernet connection

Is there any word on improving the speed of Infuse using Ethernet connection?
It’s still way behind WIFI with lots of hanging and buffering, even for the smallest files.
I don’t see this behavior in other streaming apps.



Interessting. I have a lot buffering/hanging issues with ethernet too. Never checked if its less worth with wlan. Going to try that, thx.

Ask Apple to put in decent Ethernet hardware. The ATV4 has a 10/100 adapter - not Gigabit. :frowning:

A decent Wi-Fi signal will usually provide much faster speeds.

True, but also a non gigabit ethernet connection should easily handle a 1080p movie file without any issues.

Apps like VLC and other (that don’t use a server) on ATV4 can stream the same files over Ethernet without any hiccups, so the hardware is not the problem in this case.
it would be nice to have a Gigabit, but there is clearly an issue with Infuse and Ethernet.

Fair point.

The difference is likely related to caching, and how much buffer Infuse likes to maintain. In the current version, Infuse will cache just enough to allow the video to start and then continue caching in the background while the video plays. If the cache gets below a certain threshold, Infuse will pause the video and refill the cache. Naturally, this will take more time on a slower connection.

We are looking into a few streaming related issues that result in an error messages (streaming from Mac OS X in particular), and whatever changes we implement for this may help in other areas as well.


If other apps are caching less (to work faster), then under the same network connection shouldn’t they be pausing more?
Since they are working smoothly and fast, how do they cache differently?

And what do possibility, let alone the user sets the size of the cache, as it has the necessary Kodi? If it could help.

Can I ask what kind of device you’re streaming from that is exhibiting the slowness?

I’ve just done some testing here, and even with a wired connection I’m having no trouble streaming ~30GB MKVs, with playback starting within 3-4 seconds. Testing with a Synology DS1515+ as well as an AirPort Extreme with 4TB WD MyBook drive attached.

Starting playback is one issue, but there’s also the issue of skipping to another part of the movie or hangups during the playback.
I’m using a 4TB WD MyCloud connected to the router.
If i’m using the ATV4 with ethernet, movies usually start around 5-6 sec. and if i’m skipping to another part of the movie i also have to wait that much as well.
Using WIFI usually take up to 2-3 sec. to start and skipping around 1-2 sec.

However, using VLC with Ethernet performs much like Infuse with WIFI, so again, the case of hardware is dismissed because the same hardware performs well under another app.

I think I have the same issue (on another post). I will try with wlan…

Once again, NFS support would solve this issue. Streaming over SMB…

Yes, i think so too. NFS support would be really cool.

Does the ATV4 support 5ghz WIFI ?

Yup, it supports 802.11ac, which requires 5GHz. The ac wifi is theoretically faster than the 100Mbit wired connection found on the ATV4.

I will try on Wifi 5GHZ tonight

Very interesting. I did have the occasional buffering using wired on 4.0.1. Updated 4.0.2 drastically improved this.

Apple have kept with the 10/100 interface, due to the USB2 controller. They need to move to USB3 controller interface to support 1000 interface, which the new iPad Pro has. In saying that 100 is more than enough. And technically 100Mbps should be more than enough for a single stream of x264 4k video. The cache size of Infuse might be pushing it however.

Have the same problem here with ATV4 and WD MyCloud so I think the problem over ethernet is the combination of the two.

Yes, too bad that there is not gigabit ethernet. Even in 100 Mbits, i had no trouble globally, just on some >20 GB files.
Fortunately, i have a Netgear R7000 that provides good wifi ac connection and having the luck to have a gigabit fiber connection, i can test the local speed through the Speedtest, i tried in Wifi, it links at almost 500 Mbits and it’s now super fast (browsing, buffering, etc).

If it can helps!