Improvements ideas for playback (chapter next/prev, menu use etc)

Hi a list of feature request for the Media player when it is doing playbacks.

I do not know if these elements have already been considered or is in the pipeline, if so excellent! If not please consider these inputs to improve the value and total experience further :slight_smile:


  1. With films with chapters there needs to be a better access to "prev/next chapter" feature. And to me it could be the up and down buttons. I see no reason to be bale to adjust valume in one out of all the applications on the Apple TV that just confuses (if applications act differently so why not use those buttons for somethign like this?)
  2. i use the Remote HD app on my Iphone and if I touch the "Prev. chapter, play/pause or Next. chapter" buttons the media player stops (crashes?) and I am instantly taken back to the main Apple TV screen. These buttons work in other apps, perhaps there is some event handling missing ? and for me personally that could fix my first bullet - but that may not be the solution to my first bullet for everyone ? :-)
  3. How about letting the media player act a little like for instance the You Tube player, with regards to pressing the "MENU" button the first time? In you tube player you are not sent back to the Home screen" but into a special menu relevenat to similar videos on Youtube. In the media player I would rather see a menu which either continue to play the video while I am in the menu or pause the video (perhaps due to technical limitiations in the CPU power in the apple TV?). And in that menu I could see snippets of pictures similar to the chapters in my film, change audio track, enable/disable  subtitles, even have the small box about meta dat aon the film. And if I press any button except MENU it woiuld take the appropriate actions. If I hit MENU I am taken back towards the Home screen (so a double click on "MENU" brings me out but a single clik on menu brings me to a context relevant menu for playback of the specific film I am in).


I hope you would consider my suggestions and if you need further input, or the descriptions in other formats please let me know :slight_smile:



Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Support for chapters will be available in the next version.
  2. We're looking into the Remote HD issue.
  3. Something like what you're describing will also be available in the next version.

Here’s a teaser showing some of the features that are coming in the next version.

Looks very good  8) Nice to see input is considered. Can not wait to test these features for real. When will they be available? :slight_smile:


Soonish - next week perhaps.


Is the feature of the first twitpic already included?   i have a dvd.iso and cant go to the next or previous chapter. Could any one tell me how to do it