Improvements I would like to see post v7.2

Thanks for delivering a good update with the player on 7.2

This list reflects my usage of the iOS version. Here are some improvements that will further make it great:

*Total revamp of how PiP works.
Just swiping away from the bottom would do so much improvement and lessen the friction. Also, at its current state, PiP is not fast, it lags the video, and when going from PiP to fullscreen makes the playback go wild (freezes the playback, restarts the cache, etc.) that I needed to close it and open again to make it go back to normal.

In addition to that, the subtitles disappear from PiP to fullscreen. It’s been a frustration since pre-7.0 that still hasn’t been ironed out. Only way to get the subtitles back is to rewind the video (doesn’t always work, and rewinding videos introduces another issue which I will detail next on the list).

Only Infuse have I ever experienced a below average performance when it comes to PiP on iOS. There are too many performance issues with its current implementation. PiP needs a total revamp. A do-over.

*Going forward and rewind is problematic
I use SMB share for my video playback. I never had this problem from 2 updates ago. When hitting rewind, the playback will freeze but the audio still plays. Now I have to rewind again because I missed the scene.

*Less intrusive volume and brightness prompt
Apple had done it (it took them a while), and so Infuse should too. I want to adjust my volume and not be obstucted with a giant icon in the middle of the screen.

*Pinch to zoom
Now that double-tap to zoom is gone in 7.2 it would be great to have pinch to zoom functionality.

*Vertical alignment of subtitles
Vertical alignment should not be limited to adjusting them up the screen (+1, +2, +3…), it should also be able to make it further down (-1, -2, -3…)

*Remove from Continue Watching
Currently you only have two options to remove a movie/TV from ‘Continue Watching’ – mark them as watched or unwatched.

The problelm lies when you have Trakt connected to your account. Marking movies/TV as such will also sync it to your Trakt. Give us ‘Remove from Currently Watching’ just like Plex.

*Easily add items to a Playlist
For some reason, we cannot add multiple items to a playlist. this comes as a problem when you have many items you’d want to move.

In addition to that, I have a playlist where the videos in it were already deleted, but the posters of those movies still show up in the playlist.

*Select playback settings on specific Movie/TV page
Again just like Plex, where we can change the playback settings (audio, subtitles) before we hit play. That way it’s already set up before hand. Of course it’s only fair that whatever setting will be autosaved.

*Currently Watching movies should say “Resume” instead of "Play"
When I go to a movie’s page, I was in the middle of that movie, it should say Resume instead of Play to have a distinction. I know we already have the progress bar, but it could have more coherence with it by which term we use.

As always, suggestions are greatly welcome but when you put multiple suggestions in one thread it makes it impossible to tally support for each individual suggested feature.

It greatly helps to have just one feature suggestion per thread that way the likes tally shows for each individual feature.

no pinching please, option to change aspect via double tap like it was before would be great. we already have player buttons to skip and can swipe on the screen to rewind/fast forward. thank you