Improvements for subtitles vertical offset

I like the vertical offset option for subtitles, but I think it could be a little bit better.

The main problem right now is that the vertical offset is universal and applies to text- as well as image-based subtitles.

Since SRT subtitles contain no information on their position, having +3 applied to all SRT subtitles, gives you consistent and desired results. However, VobSub subtitles do contain information on their position, and when +3 is applied there as well, the results are probably not what you want.

I can see several ways to improve this (ordered from simple to fancy):

  • Applying the offset only to text-based subtitles and disabling it for image-based subtitles;
  • Applying the offset only to text-based subtitles and let each movie/tv show with image-based subtitles use a unique offset;
  • Still use a universal offset, but apply it in a smarter way to image-based subtitles, so that all the subtitles look like they have the same offset. Perhaps this is simply replacing the y-value in the IDX file or maybe it’s more complicated. In any case, I’m sure it’s doable. :slight_smile:

I forgot about this post, but the problem still stands. It would great if you’d come up with a solution for this.