Improvement of Seas0nPass

Is it possible to improve Seas0nPass to use an already created IPSW. Say I attempt to restore the custom IPSW and it fails. Why can I not just point Seas0nPass to the IPSW it just created isntead of going through the entire process again? Wouldn’t this make more sense?

You do not have to run SeasonPass again if you use the Shift (option on Mac)-click option on the Restore button in iTunes to allow you to select the .ipsw file to be restored.

In my case it doesn’t work. I have noticed that something is uploaded through Seas0nPass to the aTV while in DFU (similar to pwndfu mode possibly) to allow the custom IPSW to be written.


I will try it again though.

I also find that I have to rerun Seas0npass each time because otherwise it gets stuck on Preparing Apple TV or errors out.

This file, ibss.k48ap.release.dfu, gets uploaded to the aTV before the script is run through iTunes.