[IMPROVEMENT] Constant Google Drive "Download Quota" Bans

Something needs to be done to improve Google Drive scanning. It’s far too aggressive and definitely not optimized for a cloud service provider. You can’t treat a cloud service like a regular filesystem; it’s simply not the same. I’ve commented on this (here Improve performance of Google Drive scanning and here Option to sync ALL metadata and libraries to iCloud - #12 by danemacmillan).

I’ve been banned for the last three days (one ban after another), and I realize now it’s likely due to this part of a scan (https://firecore.com/sites/default/files/upload/img_7349.png), because most of the media has been found (which also gets me banned just to get acknowledged), so there’s always this other part that “Fetch[es] thumbnails from Google Drive,” which is even worse for bans. By the way, the numbers in that image reflect what is being fetched after the third ban, so there are thousands of other items that have been retrieved so are no longer counted on the right side of the “### of #####.” I would probably lose my account if I attempted to let it continue through the rest of the items, as I’ve already been hit by one every day for the last three days. I can only assume this means Infuse is downloading each item and generating preview thumbnails out of them, because I do not store any metadata alongside my actual data. There needs to be an option to not automatically do this (and not automatically start scanning the drive, either). Every time I open Infuse, it just starts this process again and there’s no way to stop it. I can’t have it open for more than an hour before the ban. The only reason I would even have the app open longer than that is because I’m attempting to fix incorrect metadata matches. At this point, I’m reluctant to even open the app at all, because I might forget and then get banned again.

Ultimately, as I’ve mentioned before, this integration to Google Drive just really feels like it was an afterthought, with the existing filesystem scanning just pointed to the cloud service, which is not how to scan cloud service directory structures; they have APIs for this, and specifically to retrieve only changes, which both Plex and the open source tool, plexdrive, have each implemented successfully.


Maybe you have a valid point, but that’s some library (+19k) you’ve got there lol.

I accidentally unchecked my favorites in Infuse, which counter-intuitively wipes away all progress made to indexed libraries. I documented this here ([BUG] Make it more difficult to wipe out indexed libraries / favorites), as I think the UI/UX needs to be improved.

Similarly, I’m writing in this ticket, because as expected, I’m banned less than the half-way point through the scan. Also note that it is Monday morning, and I deliberately started the scan on Sunday night so that I would actually be able to stream stuff in my collection through the weekend. This is really inconvenient, as the ban will lift early Tuesday morning–only to get banned once again, so Infuse can complete its scan. This means the second ban will lift sometime Thursday early morning. The only unknown at this point is whether Infuse will need to continue scanning more stuff after the second ban, which could result in a third ban. This effectively means no streaming media from my collection until next weekend. That’s really unacceptable. Again, I documented that all of this would happen in multiple places, but I will link only to the latest one ([BUG] Make it more difficult to wipe out indexed libraries / favorites). I shouldn’t be able to predict like clockwork when I’ll be banned, based on the actions I take in Infuse. Please try and optimize this. It’s crazy that I have to be benched, so to speak, for several days while Infuse scans my Google Drive. This really needs improvement.

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I’m facing the same issue… I will be lucky to playback maybe once every 3 days due to the scanning of my library getting me banned for x hours. I’ve contacted them mutiple times about it and been getting the same generic response. We either need the abitlitu to do manual scans or maybe just use our iCloud storage to store metadata that it can pull from to work around the problem.

I’m surprised you’re experiencing this now. Infuse has effectively eliminated any of these problems, incrementally throughout 2018. Scans are very fast, and bans are a thing of the past. The most major changes happened in the last four months. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Infuse; consider starting an index from scratch. How many items are in your library? I know for libraries with less than 25k items this should not be an issue.

That may be the issue. I believe I hit over 25k due to tv shows

If you’re just hovering around 25k, I would have to say I’m still surprised. I mention 25k from personal experience–not any Infuse limit, to be clear. I feel like the degradation would scale with the library size.

You made sure you’re using the latest version?