Improved direct support for Jellyfin

I have two local Jellyfin servers running 10.8.13. I am currently using Infuse 7.7.2. The Jellyfin servers are connected via gigabit Ethernet to Apple TV 4k gen 3. I am using direct connect to Jellyfin, not Infuse’s library function or the old InfuseSync plugin.

1.) Instead of favoriting servers, I would like to just automatically default to existing Jellyfin libraries as the equivalent of Favorites on the Infuse home screen. Currently, I only see the servers, then need to go one level down to select the libraries on another screen.

2.) Loading of Jellyfin libraries should be optimized, especially for TV shows, which take a very long time to load.

– I don’t know whether Infuse is trying to load the episode metadata at the same time that it loads a show… if so, I suggest loading all shows’ title and jacket art first, then caching underlying season/show metadata

– Infuse loads a partial quantity of movies/TV shows’ jacket art (which makes sense) but it doesn’t continue to load subsequent movies/TV shows titles/jacket art after that first set. This means you see a bunch of grey boxes when you scroll down until the next set loads

– Some TV shows’ jacket art consistently lag other shows in displaying in Infuse, regardless of which screen they are displayed (e.g. home, latest TV shows, etc.)

3.) Infuse should enable (at least a streamlined version) of Jellyfin’s Sort and Filter functions. For example, in Infuse, when listing all movies or all TV shows, there should be a way to do the following:

– Sort: by release date earliest/latest, by critics rating, by most recently added

– Filter: by resolution (4K/Full HD), by genre (select), by favorited, by unplayed

4.) Search shows each of my servers separately, along with a Library (which is disabled). It would simplify the user experience if the user didn’t need to specify the server to search first