Improved adjustment interface of subtitle sync offset

It would be great to enable an overlay to adjust the subtitle offset.

Currently, you have to open the settings panel and try different settings, closing the settings in between.

I would like to have an overlayed +/- slide, where I could adjust and nudge the setting, while the movie/clip is running, making it easier to see when the sync is in correct.



First of all, i want to thank you all for the great work you’ve done with Infuse.
I’ve recently got my first Apple TV 4K and started enjoying all of my content played by Infuse.
I wanted to give my first feedback about the app and provide some small suggestions related to subtitles controls and adjustments.

Usually i use my TV remote to control the AppleTV over HDMI-CEC, which as overall works fine, however while doing that, i’ve encountered the follow issue:
When using a TV remote - i cannot change the subtitle timing offset with the left/right keys. Actually i haven’t managed to figure out a way to adjust the timing using the TV remote. Apparently the adjustment respond only to the sliding touch of the AppleTV remote, but does not respond to taps in the left/right area. So my suggestion would be to allow changing the timing offset using just left/right actions.

The next thing is again related to the timing offset.
Naturally when you encounter subtitles that appear earlier than the speech, the intention would be to delay their time in order to adjust them.
And as opposite in case they are behind the audio - the intention would be to increase their timing.
Usually delaying is associated with negative value and moving them forward is associated with positive value, but in Infuse - they are reversed, so in order to delay them you have to put positive value and vice versa.
I’m not sure for other peoples, but this is very annoying for me and i don’t think that i’ve encountered such issue before in other players.
Since everything matter to getting use to it or be able to customize it - i think an option to adjust the directions of the timing would be a nice addition.

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The subtitle time offset option is simply broken, clicked it, nothing popped up.

Hi there, I’m new here (just bought a subscription). I was wondering about subtitle syncing. Quite often my subtitles are a good but not perfect match and after a while I get a timing offset. I know this offset can be adjusted in the subtitle menu, but to change that I have to pause, go through the menu and it’s quite a hassle and after a while I need to do that again. It would be nice if I could change the setting by a second or two easily, while the movie is still running. My previous player (TViX) had this on the remote (a button for +0.5s and one for -0.5s) and I really liked that option.

Just a little UI slight change suggestion:
the option to time-shift the current subtitles is the most often used in the column right to the subtitle choice. Maybe it would be best if it were at the top of the menu.

I would love a smarter way to control the subtitle sync, and also get a much more accessible subtitle menu (too many swipes and clicks to get this feature to work).


I have a foreign language TV show where the video/audio are recorded with ad breaks, and the subtitles I could find do not account for the ad breaks, so every time there’s an ad break I need to increase the subtitle time offset by one full minute. Unfortunately, currently the adjustment buttons increment/decrement by 0.25s at a time and don’t respond to press and hold, so I have to monotonously click 240 times for each ad break. It would be nice if we could press and hold the buttons and have the value continuously increase/decrease after a delay.

Another minor suggestion while we’re at it: deciding whether a positive or negative offset is suitable for the situation involves some guesswork for new or occasional users of the subtitle time offset feature. Currently there’s a vast span of nothingness in the adjustment scene of the modal, it would be nice to include a short explanation of which way to go when subtitle is lagging, and vice versa.

Adjusting subtitle offset is not great on Apple TV. First, when you change it, video doesn’t run so I can’t tell if the settings are correct.

Also, only swipes work to adjust. I use an IR remote so right and left buttons should also work (as they do with everything else in infuse) but not here.


I second that !

Same problem here…

Hi @james

Its possible to consider this suggestion ?


I find myself having to adjust subtitles offset from time to time.
It’s really hard to offset the subtitles when the video is paused, and takes far longer than.
Could we have the subtitles adjustment without the video being paused?