Improve UX for Plex version selection

Basic functionality is still lacking… if I have two versions of a film, once I select one version I can no longer access the other version. Without the option of the two versions, like in Library Mode, this renders this feature and its functionality useless. I have to hold down on Play, like it’s a hidden function, in order to bring up the other versions. This isn’t intuitive.

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Long-pressing the play button will allow you to access other versions.

We have some ideas for improving this by taking advantage of the Smart Groups tag feature (as well as adding support for multiple versions from Emby/Jellyfin).

The thing is… The behavior across the app continues to be inconsistent with actions taken not being consistent or expected.

If you’re going to require a contextual menu to select a version, instead of displaying versions in the details screen, then have the same contextual menu on every instance you see the file. Meaning if it’s in Recently Added in Movies, or Watching, or on the Apple Home Screen (if possible), the same contextual menu should appear.

The Watching section doesn’t even have a contextual menu. That means when I want to select a different version than the one I started, I have to do a search for the item that’s sitting in Watching so I can access the contextual menu. It’s not intuitive.

The complaints I’ve received from everyone I’ve had test Infuse so far have been this isn’t thought out very well. One thing does one thing and similar functions don’t do it so it’s like you need a decoder ring of be fearless in hitting buttons to find options.

So I’m clear, this is a functional issue, and I want to differentiate it from a feature issue. Many complaints on here about features that haven’t been followed up on, but functionality across the app should be consistent and intuitive so someone not tech savvy can figure it out.

Right now, there’s very little consistency and it starts with the Watching section.

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It sounds to me like you just haven’t been using the app as long as many of us. Long press for versions may not be intuitive to you but it is to me.

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to be fair, just because you’ve been using it longer and are used to it doesn’t necessarily means there isn’t a better way to do it. sometimes it takes fresher eyes.


The problem is right there in your response. Someone should be able to open the app for the first time and behavior should be consistent so it’s intuitive to understand.

Each new user I’ve walked thru how to use the app have each said this isn’t intuitive. Same word, same sentiment. One even said this isn’t well thought out. Now, I disagree with that, but their point was the consistency issue. Between actions taken not being what’s intended to functions available in one place but not another.