Improve performance of Google Drive scanning

Any time I add new content to my Google Drive, I typically wait between 30 minutes to an hour before I can actually see that content in an Infuse library. Unfortunately, this time also needs to be a dedicated don’t-watch-anything-during-this-operation process, which is not optimal. I don’t want to have to put that long of a pause on my media experience while I wait for new content to be indexed.

The indexing process is extremely slow. It’s behaving as though it needs to do a deep directory scan to grab any new content. Google Drive has APIs that allow you to list all the changes ( in a given timeframe, like since the last index in the context of Infuse. I don’t know what the Infuse codebase is doing, but given that Plex and the open-source project, plexdrive (, can both scan massive drives for new content in less than a minute, I have a hunch that Infuse is not doing that. While integration of Google Drive may have been treated more like an extra bonus than a full-fledged offering, I do think it should be improved and promoted in importance, especially because it can be a direct competitor to Plex Cloud, which performs abysmally in the streaming department.

I may be getting caught up in the current wave of refugees from Plex, and the wave may be more of trickle–only magnified by a few vocal people like myself–but I have a suspicion that many people will come over from Plex’s Cloud offering, which leverages cloud services like Google Drive to build libraries, and they will be disappointed by the performance, as I am. I don’t think it’s made up, though, that there is an exodus brewing, and I want Infuse to monopolize on this, because I’m genuinely fed up with Plex. Call this a heads up, as someone who is active the Plex forums, and has taken a pulse of that community.

I’m still new to the Infuse community, so I don’t know how much of a data hoarding problem you folks have, but I know in the Plex community, I’ve met many people who count their library in the 100s of TBs, so this really would be an essential improvement.


For reference, I just timed how long it took to add seven new items: 50 minutes.


This issue is also important in preventing API bans. I’ve written more about it here: Option to sync ALL metadata and libraries to iCloud - #12 by danemacmillan.

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I agree with this post. I am one of the many users that have fled Plex due to poor performance with my google drive library. Infuse is an absolute God send when it comes to performance. The only downside is the metadata fetching on each device and the slow scans of your google drive library.


I’m adding my latest experience with Google Drive API bans: [IMPROVEMENT] Constant Google Drive "Download Quota" Bans

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This is ridiculously slow for me as well, 60 min to be exact. I can’t imagine such simple task, as I can see done very well on nPlayer cannot be done on Infuse makes me so frustrated, everything else are perfect. just this slow loading killing me slowly inside

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I’d like to give this issue a push. Namely because it is still not mentioned in the upcoming features (Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21))
The only announcement is “Improve indexing while not on Wi-Fi”, which won’t help the problem with GDrive.
However, so far i had no quota bans. And i’m not sure why. Currently i got 12TB in my Google Drive Account aka 7385 files in total.
First question: Is this still too little to get a quota ban? Secondly, so far i’m only watching on my iPhone (but ATV soon, too) using the
Files tab instead the library tab. And from this point i go through the folders to the film/series i want. The films folder (679 files) loads in like 6 seconds,
the series folder (6027) needs 100 seconds. A little trick to cut this down: Currently i’m watching Friends (236 episodes +236 .srt files), i favored folder
Friends in Series/Friends/, so now it only takes 7 seconds to open it and show me the thumbnails etc from all the 10 seasons.
Hence the question: Is that the reason why i don’t get the quota bans? Cause i never use the library to scan the whole thing everytime, instead i only access one special folder path.

Nonetheless, i hope for a performance fix in scanning Google Drive! When it’s not about just bingwatching one series at a time and instead i wanna scroll through my whole collection, it would be a pain in the ass to wait for the metadata every time. Especially because my GDrive gets bigger everyday… :smiley:
Hopefully a developer takes a look at this, greetings!

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  • I’d say your library is too small to get banned on a single scan–even multiple full scans.
  • If you’re not using Infuse’s library creation feature, then you would almost never get banned. The downside is that you will need to wait ages to open any directory. For reference, I’m simply unable to browse via regular directories–they just never load.

The upcoming 5.8.4 update will include a few changes aimed at improving the speed of Google Drive indexing, as well as avoiding potential Google Drive bans.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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