Improve marking entire series/season as watched/unwatched

@tempelmann I deleted my previous message because I misread the post but I’ve just checked and using an app called Watcht ( which I use instead of Trakt as I like it’s interface better), you can select the whole series and mark it as watched.

Watcht is just a GUI for Trakt so it will update Trakt and then if you’re syncing Trakt with Infuse, your library will get updated.

Hope this helps until you get the fix you need.

Here’s the app link for iPhone users…

Sorry, I don’t know if there’s an android version if people need it.

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I have just installed the iOS app. The way to mark a show as watched is to select it, then use the top center area to choose the entire show, then tap the checkmark box. Still tedious for me as I have to do this for 60 shows, but better than nothing. Thanks!

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Yeah sorry. I probably should have posted the instructions at the same time. Anyway, I just thought it would help until a feature/fix comes out. Tedious but hopefully, you’ll only need to do it the once.

We use to be able to mark a season as unwatched but that option is no longer available. Please bring that back. Now when you go into tv shows and select a show is shows all the seasons in a row and there is no way to mark it.

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