Improve marking entire series/season as watched/unwatched

I agree. I keep trying to change watch status with long-press. :man_facepalming:t2:

And for Pete’s sake … when the Play Button looks like this because of an undesired, accidental activation of a playback (because you were expecting to go to a movie’s details page, or seeking a long-press menu that doesn’t exist, or your remote got laggy because someone started the microwave ) …

… just leave it as unwatched. Titles exited after 00:00:00 of elapsed time certainly don’t need to be elevated to the top of the Home Screen. C’mon.

I find myself doing the same… for some reason I just always expect a menu on episode long press :thinking:

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I’d love to, but the latest version doesn’t allow browsing by folder on the aTV, or I missed something.

Browse by folder is accessible on the Apple TV Infuse app’s Home Screen from the favorites bar. To the right of the icons for the Library (if not hidden), Movies, TV and Other (if not hidden), should be orange starred icons for your favorited folders (established when setting up your shares) … if you click those, the navigation follows the folder structure on your shares.

(I only use Infuse with my NAS shares, I don’t know if the visualization is different if using cloud sources).

I have that favorite. When I click on it, I see all my shows, but once in a show, seasons folders do not appear.

It’s the newly implemented view, which doesn’t allow anything.

BTW, I never had an orange star for tv shows or movies. The icon is pink with a TV icon, and blue with a camera for movies. And I have a NAS too.

Thought it might be the sort order, but no.

It simply DOESN’T WORK. Glad to not to have to pay for Infuse anymore. (Forever licence, few years ago). I’d be even more pissed if I had paid for a year.

Forecore: 1 step forward, 2 steps back

Yeah, those aren’t the buttons you’re looking for.

If you click the gear icon, then select the library menu item under network, do you see any shared folders there? Make sure to check the ones your want favorited on your home screen.

Series seasons can be selected and bulk marked with watch status and added to playlists or collections when accessed through this method.

So, your suggestion gave me an idea.

Went in the Saved shares and long pressed the favorites. Turns out they were hidden. I don’t know how or when it happened and why I did it if I did, but nevertheless, I now can change the status of my tv shows

Thank you for your help.

The orange stars won’t show if you don’t select the folders as favorites.
There needs to be a check mark on the shared folders, as seen in my first photo.

If the check mark isn’t there, highlight the share folder and click it.

The software works.

Yep, I edited my last message.

Thank you again

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Thanks for the feedback here. We’re working on a few ideas to improve this.

Another way to work around this for now would be to switch to list view on Apple TV, in Settings. This view still includes the list of seasons.

This may be a redundant FYI. Marking a series season as “watched”/“unwatched” is now tricky since serial content no longer have their own season thumbnail, with a long-press context menu to boot.

When re-watching a tv series the seasons have to be marked unwatched in order for Infuse to keep track of your watch history (as opposed to services like Netflix which keeps track without using watched status).

My workaround is to browse a network share and long-press on season folders.

Could the context menu for seasons be reintroduced on the new “season x” labels inside the series details?

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Looks like Firecore is investigating what can be done here. I’m hopeful for a resolution that allows for marking watched or unwatched at the series, season and episode level. We’ll need to wait and see.

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Just adding my 2 cents, I’m with the others on long pressing the season indicator and getting an option to mark as watched/unwatched.

That’s what’s been drilled into us for a long time now with Infuse so it makes sense to add a menu to the season indicator/selector.

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Do you also see the benefit in a series and episodes long press for watched/unwatched?

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Seasons are what I run across most often that require several steps to mark as watched. I don’t do entire series very often so while it may help some, it’s not a big item for me but I’m not against it.

As to the individual episode, since it’s already a function to mark as watched on the preplayback screen this also isn’t a big inconvenience for me but again, no problem if there was another avenue to accomplish it.

Seasons at a time is what would benefit me personally the most.

It’s always interesting how everyone has their own unique edge case and uses things differently :relieved:.

@Respl made a good point where I also sometimes rewatch entire series and would benefit from adding the option on the series poster.

The reason for the additional episode watched/unwatched option is to cover the cases where you’re replaying something and it’s partially watched. The system doesn’t always guess correctly that you want to mark as watched (or unwatched) so you then need to toggle twice in the preplayback screen. Mild inconvenience but it’s surprising just how often I find myself doing this…

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Hey, if everyone used it the same there would be no “Settings” in Infuse. LOL

Thankfully we have a dev that can accommodate a large portion of us oddballs and our needs. :wink:


Please let’s not forget that the main feature request of this (my) topic is to mark not only single seasons (which used to work and still works if you choose certain viewing modes) as watched but

to mark ENTIRE SHOWS as watched with a single action!

That has never been possible so far although it should have been obvious to be needed from the start.

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Some users may be reading the actual topic of your post and taking it as your request since it is

Improve marking entire seasons as watched/unwatched

Marking the entire show would seem to be a natural progression to the marking show status.

And I didn’t even think about this benefit at first…

Thanks @knewknow & @Respl :+1:

@NC_Bullseye - valid point about the topic title but this forum won’t let me alter it any more :frowning:

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