Improve marking entire series/season as watched/unwatched

It’s still a huge pain to use “Mark Watched” on collection or multi-season TV series because I still can’t get that option on the top level of a TV show. Instead, I have to go into the show, and then select each season one by one to mark them as watched. Why is this not fixed? There have been plenty of requests for that in the past, and I don’t see a technical reason why this can’t be done.


Could you link a trakt account and have them marked as watched there? Then infuse syncs that information back. I don’t know if that works in your case but I always sync with trakt and that suits my needs as Infuse in turn, updates trakt. Just an idea.

Hi @Nathan_H, I am indeed linked with Trakt, but I haven’t found a way there to mark all my vids as watched, either. Do you know where to find that?

This unfortunately is now worse since 7.4 doesn’t have season posters anymore. So you can’t even mark a whole season as watched. You now have to do it by individual episodes….


One option for this would be to browse directly via folders. This would allow you to access the individual season posters like before.

A bit confusing to explain to users :slight_smile:

Not a big deal of course, but oddly I find myself needing to mark a full season as watched. Mostly if you’re scouring through episodes of a show looking for a specific scene and a bunch of episodes are then showing as partially complete. Which also tends to make a pretty good mess of the Home Screen “watching” section.

I’ll be honest, I am getting sick of paying for this software on a subscription basis when updates like this are flung past the goal line without due consideration for the outcome.

Not being able to mark a season as watched and removing the season posters was functionality that I was using on a daily basis.

Now removed, I have to sign in to Trakt app on my phone or sit there for 10+ minutes marking individual episodes as watched, it’s outright insane.



I still can on AppleTV. Are you using it on a Mac? Or on iOS?

How are you doing it? I’ve spent 5+ minutes and just can’t bring up the mark as watched on anything except individual episodes.
My go to steps were TV show > menu on season then mark as (un)watched. Now it just goes straight into single episode selection and I can’t bring up the menu for anything, including the season 1,2,3 selection

Any help is appreciated, this is driving me nuts :crazy_face:

Maybe it has something to do with the Settings. Here are mine:

File Management On
List View On
Show Poster Titles Off
Metadata F On
Emb. Metadata On
Watched On
Picks Off
Show Logos On
Details View Modern

Now, when I look at a multi-season show under either Recently Added (on home screen) or under Library / TV Shows / All TV Shows, and long-press that, it only gives me the options: Collection and Playlist. But when I go inside with a brief click, it lists all the seasons, and I can long-press any of them to mark them watched, just like it was before.

The odd effect (not sure if that was before like that) is that even for shows of a single season, I always get the intermediate “Season 1” step now. I.e., when I see shows listed on the home screen, and I click on the show, it brings me to the seasons list first - and that’s where I can then mark the season as watched.

Does that help?

As @james noted above, if you browse to the TV series files through folders (orange star favorite icon on Apple TV), season folders can still be marked as watched / unwatched en masse. Probably you need to have your files organized in season sub-folders for this to work.

Series Title/Season #/Episode Files

You can mark entire series or seasons as watched with trakt (web). You don’t have to do individual episodes

Thanks all
Observations, list view does indeed bring it back to how it was with selecting seasons after choosing the tv show, but also not a fan of that layout. Folder view, which is insanely not obvious even exists (duplicate entry in favourites with a star instead) also brings it back to season selection.

Can’t help but feel like I now have to pander to Firecore’s poor decision making on this one.

Never the less, thanks again. Appreciate the help and I’ll live with my first word problem :joy:

I had do reset my ATV (for reasons) and after setting it up, including Infuse, I’m struggling with finding an option / button to mark a whole season of any TV-series as watched.

Any TV-series with just one season works as usual (like Chernobyl) with holding the big button on the ATV-remote and then clicking the option “mark as watched” - but for TV-series with mutliple seasons I couldn’t find any option for that…

I believe that if you browse using the favorite instead of using the library you should be able to do a season at a time.

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Sadly neither adding a tv series to the favorites nor to a playlist gives me any option to mark the whole season as watched…

But I can’t imagine, that you guys would remove such an option entirely… somewhere it has to be hidden…

The new TV Show interface doesn’t allow to mark a show as read/unread ANYWHERE. There only the possibility one episode at a time.

And there the fact that an entire serie can’t be marked as read/unread. I mean, there is the added option for collections, right?! So, how hard is it to add the option mark as read/mark as unread?

Did you say regression?

But for what reason would any developer of Firecore remove such option?

I mean, it was already there…
So, they had to ACTIVELY remove it…

I can’t wrap my head around that kind of decision…

I would love to see both mark watched/unwatched options at the series, season and episode levels when long hold on the ATV “ok” button.

I do find that the current watched or unwatched button isn’t always in the correct position when an episode is partially watched. It’s also a bit unintuitive in 7.4 to have to scroll up away from the episode section to mark something watched/unwatched and then back down again to the episode list.

Just a few thoughts on this.


In tvOS, on the TV episode details pages,

the season selector buttons could be enabled with long-press sensitivity to pop-up a menu allowing entire seasons to be marked watched or unwatched, and added to collections and playlists.

Currently, one needs to browse the folders and locate the season folder to do this.