Improve iPhone landscape navigation

Yet again it is impossible to fully use the app in landscape mode.

In landscape mode on iPhone these are the option missing/broken:

  • Can’t add new files
  • Can’t see network shares
  • Can’t see recently played
  • Can’t access settings
  • Can’t search
  • Can’t access “sort” option
  • Can’t switch between “All / Synced” unless you have previously selected list view whilst in portrait mode.
  • Can’t switch from poster view to list view. (You can switch from list view to poster view, but you can’t switch back again.)
  • Click on “All TV Shows” from the library and you get a blank screen. (unless you have previous selected “list” view whilst in portrait mode)

I don’t know why every release is crippled in landscape mode? I’m guessing the developers assume we watch with the devices in our hands and have no problem flipping the device backwards and forwards. Maybe I’m the minority that have the phone in a cradle that is powered so I therefore have to unplug the phone everytime I want to navigate.

It’s a shame because I love InFuse, but it seems like bad design that usability disappears when in landscape mode.
I’d rather you didn’t support landscape at all (except for playback). At least then the app would work 100% no matter which way the phone was pointing.

This is on our list to improve. :slight_smile:

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We’ve made a number of improvements in this area for the upcoming 5.6.4 update.

With this update you’ll have access to the same features in both portrait and landscape. :slight_smile:

That’s excellent.

(The screenshot doesn’t actually show anything new, if that was your intention?)

Ha, whoops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This one might be a bit better.

That makes more sense :slight_smile:

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