Improve Fetching Accuracy

  1. According to several test, currently no matter calling or The Movie Database after the search Infuse fetching algorithm fetch the latest air date 1st result, if the file name did not provide year info. However, this searching design is not accurately enough. Basically, infuse can improve the accuracy by add one more step.

“Find the exact same name from the searching result”

This is because those database is using “Fuzzy Matching”, they match the result containing those keyword.

And this is a huge problem for Chinese user because Chinese naming is quite simple.
For example, the movie name Fast & Furious(玩命關頭), the first film of the Fast & Furious collection called “玩命關頭”. And the other naming is quite similar, the second movie called “玩命關頭2”. Now, Fast & Furious collection has 8 movies. So, if I have all 8 movies in drive, from Fast & Furious 2-8 match correctly; but not the 1st one. It will match to the latest one “玩命關頭9” (search result). That’s pretty awkward, the movie isn’t on air yet.

  1. Besides, I want ask will Infuse load faster, if I manually create all the metadata with xml file?

  2. Can I add year to the TV series to help me get the specific year TV show?
    Because, several TV series translate the exact same name in Chinese.

  3. Improve better fetching in for the Traditional user by fetching “zhtw” first, not “zho” first. If the show can’t find “zhtw” name then find “zho” and then english. Basically, take my first suggestion, match exactly same name first, not the latest result.

By the way some shows in first result page don’t have “zhtw” name only have “zho” name.

But look into the detail page, they have “zhtw” name. Please use the detail page title name as the result!

Can you please take a look at this issue?
Hope you can reflect the problem to the software development group to improve metadata fetching accuracy.

We’re planning to migrate from TheTVDB to TMDb for TV shows this Spring, and this should allow for some improvements in this area.

Wow, great to hear that.
TMDB is more friendly to customer.