Improve Emby TV shows' cast metadata loading

Infuse will present the cast list according to the TV show metadata as well as individual episode metadata at the same time presently, which cause a situation that some cast isn’t actually included in some specific episode but now included because infuse load the cast list from the TV show metadata as well. Maybe it’s better not include the TV show cast list.

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In that case you’ll never see the names of the series regulars — i.e. the stars of the show. Personally, I want to see the director and writer followed by the series regulars followed by the episode guest stars — and I want to see all of them.

No idea why Infuse isn’t capable of this since the cast and crew bar is in infinite side-scroll element (or ought to be). If Infuse only wants to load the first twenty head-shots by default, that’s fine with me.

Just allow Infuse to load the rest on demand, when a user scrolls all the way to the end of the pre-loaded list.

But some situation might be that some cast included in season 2 and never showing in the season 1, but infuse will put them in season 1 as well though.

Yes, Infuse does have a current bug where it only displays season regulars for the final season for all episodes of every season.

(My Infuse installations are without internet currently, so can’t say for sure if this bug remains or was recently fixed — though I haven’t see anything suggesting it was, as yet).