Improve display of external subtitle names


I don’t understand why infuse doesn’t interpret the language of the external subtitles instead of displaying an incomprehensible name like “The Gentlemen (2019) [Remux-2160p]”.

it would be much easier to select the desired subtitle, instead I have to wait until all the text is scrolling to see if I’m selecting the right subtitle, since the name is often extremely long …

So if Infuse could interpret external subtitles correctly like VLC, Plex does by displaying the language instead of the file name, that would be perfect!



Anyone else have the same problem?

Yes! The same here! image

I wish Infuse would interpret the subtitle names as plex correctly by displaying the language. It’s so hard to know what language it actually corresponds to.

Same here. I don’t know why the full name of the srt is displaying and not just English or English (External srt) or something like that. This is just weird as you can’t see what language it is without waiting to display it after scrolling…

Please fix this asap.

Small :up:

This is on our list to look into for Infuse 7.x. :slight_smile:


Awesome! :slight_smile:

Any news? It’s really unusable at the moment the name of the subtitles …

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This shouldn’t be hard. I don’t know why it’s taking this long to fix it.

When displaying external subtitles files under “Subtitles” tab, Infuse list the entire file name.
Isn’t it best to show just the “ending” (without including the redundant video file name) ?

Usually the file names are long and the user needs to wait a lot for the scrolling to reach the end of the file name in order to verify it’s the specific external subtitles he wants to play.


Video file:

Subtitles name displayed:

Currently (bad):
The.Karate.Kid.Part.II.1986.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-EPSiLON.Elrom-Studios.he.ass (Hebrew)

Expected (fixed):
Elrom-Studios.he.ass (Hebrew)

Something like plex would be perfect, it only shows the language of the subtitle and indicates if it is an external subtitle.

Capture d’écran 2021-11-23 à 10.14.54