Improve color accuracy

I’m using Infuse to stream my movies and tv from my media server and Optimus Player for other video playback. As a longtime Optimus Player I though I would test out Infuse for watching some lectures and noticed that the colors was slightly different between the players. Is this something that can be improved? I would prefer to only have to use one video player and I like Infuse the most.:sunglasses:

Edit: As you can see below Infuse is A LOT closer to Optimus than VLC but the colors are still slightly off.

Here’s some info about Optimus Player from the website:

Color Accuracy

Optimus Player leverages the powerful video and graphics technologies built into macOS to faithfully reproduce color3so that you see color as the director intended during post-production4. See the comparison5 in the accompanying figure and then imagine that difference applied to all the pixels in every frame of a video.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 17.28.21

Here’s the test video.

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