Improve color accuracy

I’m using Infuse to stream my movies and tv from my media server and Optimus Player for other video playback. As a longtime Optimus Player I though I would test out Infuse for watching some lectures and noticed that the colors was slightly different between the players. Is this something that can be improved? I would prefer to only have to use one video player and I like Infuse the most.:sunglasses:

Edit: As you can see below Infuse is A LOT closer to Optimus than VLC but the colors are still slightly off.

Here’s some info about Optimus Player from the website:

Color Accuracy

Optimus Player leverages the powerful video and graphics technologies built into macOS to faithfully reproduce color3so that you see color as the director intended during post-production4. See the comparison5 in the accompanying figure and then imagine that difference applied to all the pixels in every frame of a video.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 17.28.21

Here’s the test video.


Thanks for bringing this up. Image, gamma, color/colorspace, codec is so important for playing a video as intended and infuse indeed feels often slightly off. I want to see the picture as it was intended for me to see. Thanks for the post. Hopefully this will get more attention

I’ve noticed the same thing. The colors on my TV look more natural or lifelike compared to what I see on my MacBook Pro with Infuse.

I posted about the color accuracy on the MacRumors forum and received the following response:

I don’t notice any issues with colors. However the Apple TV itself has a calibration tool for color accuracy built in, but you have to have an iPhone to do it.

Edit: just noticed this was regarding macOS so for MacOS, use the display calibration in settings and use a custom profile if necessary to match what feels correct.