Improve Accuracy really important!

Please add an equal match for fetching the metadata!!
It’s absurd fetching the first one!!!
This problem has never been fixed for any language fetching.

All movies in any language have a specific exact name!!
It should not get the first result of the fuzzy query.

ex: the movie name “REAL” from 2017 (filename: REAL.2017.mp4)

The first result can’t be the right one.

The correct one is this.

It’s ridiculous to use other languages to search for the right one!!

Please add an algorithm to match the exact name from the return list.

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I can understand there are some frustrating cases like this. Infuse uses TMDb’s default results list, which looks at a number of different factors (title, popularity, etc…) to determine the best match.

In most cases this works really well, but I guess the term ‘Real’ is used in quite a few different titles which is why it may not be showing the exact match as the top result.

Yes, I know Infuse uses TMDb’s default results list.
Not only this as a special case. (ex: Run 2020)
There are more movies like this “a single word.”
But can Infuse add one more comparison to improve the accuracy?
Pick the exact name match to be the default.
I’d test the API, add one fetching algorithm that won’t slow down the matching.
The default result always showing the latest one. However, that wasn’t correct.
If the movie is not fetching correctly and I’ve 3 devices using Infuse (iPhone, Apple TV, iMac), I’d to fix this three times, and that was a pain.
I believe I’m not the only user who faces this problem.

Please give it a try. I’d check other posts; many users complain about the fetching accuracy. I believe this will solve the problem.

To be fair this is a problem with TMDb search algorithm and really should be fixed there, not having Infuse do a workaround. Why don’t you file a ticket with them and post the link here for others to add support and examples.

If you have iCloud sync enabled you should only have to fix one device and sync to the others.

  1. To be clear, no matter the TMDB and TVDB have the same issue. (drama or movie)
    For development, the TMDB and TVDB provide the database and API to let other clients retrieve the data. They don’t care what or how other clients use the data.

Besides, for data retrieving performance, TMDB and TVDB won’t add this algorithm for more accuracy.

This must be done only from the client’s side. If you have program developing experience, you will know this should be the client’s issue.

The TMDB’s API has no other parameters to match the exact one.

It’s just a simple for loop if-else statement to handle from the result list.
Just add this statement if the result list size is more than one.
Besides, I’m sure that Infuse only gets the first page of the result list.
If the result is on the second page, it will never be fetched.

  1. Infuse iCloud sync only works for the same account. Family sharing won’t sync Manual metadata corrections (corrections for mismatched titles)
    Moreover, the MacOS Version isn’t synced with other devices.

In sum, if Infuse adds the if-else statement matching the exact title for default fetching and the problem solved.

@james Sorry to bother you. Please take a look.

I understand what you are asking for, but TMDb’s results are generally quite good. I would guess ~98% of things are going to get picked up correctly without any fiddling.

Adding an extra logic layer in Infuse may be possible, but then you are getting away from TMDb’s results which could potentially cause issues with other titles.

It’s something we’ll keep in mind, but the solution may not be as straightforward as it seems.

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Well, really thankful for your reply.
I understand the inconsistent result.
I’d also contact TMDb’s API support.
If anything I can help I would love to technical or non-technical.

  1. When a movie has a common name, it is unlikely to be found by auto-match or “Edit”, for example file name:

(Wish (2020) — The Movie Database (TMDb))

It returns some results but none of them is correct.

How to specify search conditions in “Edit”?

  1. TV Show season cover.

I used to put season cover as folder.jpg in each season’s folder, it worked fine before but not in v7 for some TV shows. I noticed that it didn’t use folder.jpg if season folder name is like “Tom and Jerry Season 1940” (Tom and Jerry -, it is called Season 1940/1950/1960 instead of Season 1/2/3…), I changed folder name from “Tom and Jerry Season 1940” to “Season 1940” or “Season 1” and it picked up folder.jpg.

The first issue is something inherently wrong with TMDB:

Reply by Travis Bell


on August 5, 2017 at 9:32 AM

@djdole We don’t really support any concept of exact matching at this time.

But Infuse can utilise file name info to get more accurate search result, for example it can take year and add into search query: “Wish y:2020” which returns the title I am looking for.

Yes, infuse would do exactly they query but when I do that search I don’t see your movie until the second page of results so it makes sense that infuse doesn’t list it under edit.

shouldn’t it list all pages? or else this movie always has wrong metadata in infuse.