Impossible to transfert files to the Apple TV for infuse 5 PRO

Hello everybody,

I am looking for few days now how to send my private videos to my Apple TV 4K to be able to watch it with infuse Pro 5.

I have found a topic where you can connect via FTP on your apple TV (Transferring Files via FTP – Firecore) but doesn’t work for me!

Impossible to access to my iCloud as well…

Is it possible to do it or I lost my time? Can somebody can help me to configure this connection, I not want to stream my videos, I would like to have it stored on my Apple TV machine.

Thanks a lot.


Welcome to the forum! Sorry your having issues.

Currently Infuse doesn’t download files to the Apple TV gen 4 or 5, the topic you linked to is for another firecore product that is used on 1st and 2nd generation Apple TVs.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
So, it will be the same with the version 6? Why this feature is disappear?
Except the streaming, I suppose that I don’t have another solution?

Infuse for the 4th and 5th generation Apple TV never has been able to download files to the Apple TV as far as I know. I would guess it’s the same for the upcoming version 6 of Infuse also.

What generation of ATV do you have?

I have the last one, generation 5 :slightly_frowning_face:

Yup, there’s no way for Infuse to have files downloaded to the Apple TV 4K.

No app is able to download files directly to the Apple TV. Apple restriction.

Hello guys, I not totally agreed with that, I have VLC installed on my ATV 4K and I have not problem to transfert permanently files on it using a http link gives by the software! I am able to watch all of them when I want without having any of exteriors devices connected.
So, why Firecore Infuse cannot applied the same rules?

This really isn’t true. For example Infuse does download all of the metadata files and stores them on Apple TV for example. It appears that VLC has a way to cache video files with similar caveats.

Right now, Infuse does not have the ability to download video files and cache them on Apple TV. As an additional note, the files you download to Apple TV via VLC are not permanent, they are cached there until an app needed additional space and they can be cleared without warning.

Feel free to start a thread in the suggestion forum to promote this feature with Infuse. I know it’s not currently on the short list of things to be included which you can follow here Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

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