Impossible to fetch metadata for TV shows

Hi everyone,

It is impossible for me since today to fetch metadata for any tv show. The movies are not a problem. I didn’t change the names of the episodes and it’s been working for years (tv show 1x01.mkv) until today. All the episodes are now “unknown” under the category Others and TV show is empty.

I’m located in Europe, Belgium.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

And yes, of course my internet is working ?

Have you tried restarting Infuse and the ATV? That’s been helping a few folks where thetvdb quit talking to Infuse.

Also, do you get any options suggested when you try an Edit Metadata?

Edit to add: Also with the latest overhaul at thetvdb you may want to try the naming like “Show S01E01.MKV” just as a test to see if you can see that or if edit metadata sees that as an option.

Thanks for your suggestions, I already tried it all.
When I try a manual Edit, no suggestions at all ?

And that’s after you go into the ATV settings under system and do a restart?

Indeed, tried it a few times. 1 of the 9 shows I currently follow was recognized once only, not the other times.

Could you provide a sample of how the files are named that are giving you problems?

Everything went just back to normal without further action. Thanks anyway !

Glad it worked itself out! Probably just a lag in checking. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to get metadata for my shows either yesterday and today. I’m guessing there’s an issue with tvdb api or site.

This is NOT solved. I too am unable to get recently added TV episodes to be recognized with the metadata. This issued started late on March 12th. I got about three quarters identified and then it stopped.

Sorry you’re having issues but it is solved for the original poster and if you’re having issues you may want to start a new thread and we can work through what’s going on, :slight_smile:

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