Importing multiple files from files app

How do I select multiple files to be imported

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The easiest way to do this may be to use the Files app. There you, can drag and drop files into Infuse, or select a number of files and use the ‘Share’ option to move them to Infuse.

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Is it just me or does infuse not show up in the files app at all, Additionally when I try to select multiple files and open in infuse, it only imports the last selected files and not all. Screenshot attached

The Files app has a little quirk where it will only show apps that have at least one local file.

So, to get Infuse to appear you will need to add the first file using the ‘Share’ option. Once this is done it should appear in the sidebar.

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I’ve tried importing many files from the ‘share menu’(open in Infuse), all of them successfully import into infuse, yet it does not show up in the files app

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