Importing movies with SD/Lightning adapter

I couldn’t find this anywhere, so forgive me if I overlooked it.

Will a feature be added so that we can import movies from an SD card using the usb 3.0 SD/Lightning adapter for newer devices that support USB 3.0; iPad Pro 10.5 for example?

Infuse supports accessing files on SanDisk iXpand and Mophie Space Pack directly. Files stored on these devices can be played directly, or transferred into Infuse using the Download option.

Accessing other Lightning based drives is not supported at this time.

No offense, but I know it’s not supported. I’m asking if there are plans to support what I asked.

Apple’s camera-connection hardware only interfaces with the Photos app, unfortunately. :frowning:

I wonder if the support can be coded in Infuse. Is there something embedded in the hardware so that it can only communicate with the Photos app?

Each Lightning device requires a special SDK in order for 3rd party apps like Infuse to access them. We have this in place for SanDisk iXpand & Mophie Space Pack, but unfortunately Apple does not have a public SDK for their devices at this time.

Ahh, understood. I appreciate the replies and information.