Importing mkvs and other formats into an iPad Pro 3rd generation

How do you import movies downloaded from websites and stored on a MacPro and then transferred to an iPad Pro? The published method sends them into Photos, and I dont want that…I want them to go into a file folder so that I can open and play them with Infuse which I have installed on the iPad. When the movies get sent to photos on the iPad, they dont always play properly, especially if it has been file made from a DVD. And anyway, how would you get Infuse to play movies stored in photos. The whole process seems to have been rather confusing. I found an app on the web that does this but it costs $84.00!

There are many ways but my personal adcice would be to install a plex server on the macpro and access the plex account from Infuse.
It’s free (unless you want fancy options that are included in a plex pass)
I’ve been using it for years either at home or from abroad and it works like a charm.
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Okay, I can follow that, but I want to actually transfer the videos to the iPad so that when I away from home, I can play them independently of any connection to the internet I am not always able to connect!

Have you read through the users guides for local videos yet? There’s lots of good info there.

yes, I have read those notes. I tried AirTime. It sent the videos directly to photos where they wouldn’t play. Infuse never opened as it supposed to do! The only way I have discovered that puts the videos in the Files folder is this app: Buy Tenorshare iCareFone(Mac). But it is too expensive. I am looking for less expensive way…Does the IPad let you put files where you want them or does Apple stop you and only offer Photos?

Yes, after the video is in Photos, long press on it, click on “share” then scroll up to “Save To Files”.

Thanks, I got it working…trouble with file permissions on the mac laptop!

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