Importing iTunes video via Browser

When I try and import iTunes video (say the whole of the first season of “The Americans” (from eyeTV recordings transcoded) there are a number of problems.

Firstly there is no indication of Episode order as that information is not in the file name) 

Secondly infuse tries to match information about the file and renames them (the episode “Pilot” is renamed the movie “Fighter Pilot” with its information added.  I can’t see anywhere to be able to turn this function off.  Some of the episodes do have the correct information in them.

I would suggest looking up video information should be able to be turned off and if there is information in the video that should take precidence.  One should be able to manually look up the information and add it if it is correct however.

Episode numbers need to come across otherwise how can one tell what is what without having a separate list of the episode names and orders.

At present this means pulling series across from iTunes libraries is pretty useless

When you look at the same iTunes library via sharing each episode title has a two digit code in front of it to tell you the episode code (e.g. 01 Pilot.m4v)  The file names themselves have this but are stripped out.

Really you need to be able to support the itunes folder structure so you can bring things across properly


Sorry for the trouble.

We’re working on a way to disable metadata fetching, so that embedded metadata only is used. This will likely be coming around version 2.2.

In the meantime, a list of compatible naming conventions for TV shows can be found here.


Have this been done? Importing from iTunes (with infuse 4 and aTV 4) works for movies, but not for music and TV series because file names are not what infuse expects. Do I have to rename one million files by hand?

James is there some way that infuse could support the default iTunes naming conventions rather than us having to rename the files? There doesn’t seem to be any option in iTunes to change the way in which they “organise” the medial files.