Importing data from Timecapsule (via NitoTV Network)

Alright, so I’ve managed to mount my Network Timecapsule drive to the apple tv, as well as give it a specific path. I can browse the files perfectly fine using the “Files” option of the NitoTV menu. But I have a problem. When I open Sapphire and choose to import data from the mounted drive, it does not follow the custom path that i have set. If i just use the network share path, the .parsebundles of my backups (also stored on the Time Capsule) also get scanned. I have 3 macs using the Time Capsule for back up and each of their parse bundles are over 100GB. How can I get sapphire to follow the custom path (which will eliminate the problems I have with the .parsebundle files).

Here’s my set up.

Mount Name: Media
Mount Type: smb
Mount address: Time-Capsule.local
Requires Authentication: Yes
User Login: user
Password *
Volume Path: Data
Auto Mount: Off
Use Custom Path: On
Custom Path: Media
Extra Arguments:

Read the first couple of paragraphs on this page you will have the answer to your problem.

I tried the same yesterday but got an SMB_negotion error.
Any ideas how I can mount my TC drive?

I have setup an user account for my TC.
Can you please convey more details how you have configured your TC drive.