Important things that should be in the next update (apple tv )


we, the Arabs . . The best operator for us is Infuse. . And most of the buyers of the Pro version will thank you for this wonderful program

After trying the program on Apple TV:: The program is missing these things

1- Add a direct link (we do not want to turn on iCloud and sync) We want to add it through the Apple TV application (look at vlc)

2 - We want the movie information to show the size of the movie

3- When adding the plex library, everyone notices that the search option is disabled in the server folder
The plex folder must be added to Infuse, and this is very, very slow

4- Adding a translation site next to opensubtitile, and most Arabs want this site,

If these things are done … I think nothing else will be needed on the Apple TV version

We are waiting for these things in the next update for Apple TV

Where ???