Import/Read Existing XBMC Meta Data, Download Files

Sorry if these have been covered or requested before...

  1. It would be nice if Infuse could read existing XBMC .nfo files for meta data. Some of us have spent a good bit of time fine-tuning this data for XBMC.
  2. Ability to download media to local device when browsing a network share (iPad: left swipe to see options - edit, post to scocal media, delete - add download option here), instead of having to go through the "Add Files" process.


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This would make it so I don’t have to go in and toggle a file in vim everytime i watch one or go to the movie in infuse and remark it as watched if viewed in kodi.

Otherwise 1000 movies out of 5000 will have to be manually toggled.

Also is there a way to force it to read the nfo file in it’s folder over scraping itself off the web?