Import metadata from Synology Video Station

Hi everyone,
I’ve used Infuse since v4 to access video files on my DS413. Until now, I’ve simply put them in a shared folder that was accessed from my Apple TV via SMB and didn’t spend much time thinking about metadata and such. However, I’ve now used Synology’s Video Station to add metadata to my videos and it seems like Infuse can’t access this information. It can either work with local metadata or pull down metadata from the internet. How do I make it play nice with what I’ve already got?
One reason I’m reluctant to use Infuse instead of Video Station for metadata: Unless I’ve missed something the language setting for metadata in Infuse is global, whereas in Video Station, I can define it by title. So I get German metadata for German movies, but English for English movies etc.

Looking forward to your input/help :slight_smile: