Import All Data? Nothing happens!?

Being super new to this, I’m having a lot of issues. I’ve ripped some of my DVDs with Mac the ripper, dragged them onto an external hard drive and plugged it into my AppleTv. After reading some posts and doing another smart install I can now find the 4 DVDs I ripped. I can play them in nitotv but when I try to get the info in saffire I clicked “import all Data” and nothing happens. The bottom of the screen just says initalizing and nothing happens on the progress bar. What am I missing here?

Second that!! Have the same question!

I guess no one knows how to use this. From all the posts I am reading it doesn’t sound like it really works. I don’t know why I spent the money for this, importing everything into iTunes works a lot better. I just wanted to be able to use an external HD (which it does recognize but doesn’t play from) and import meta data as advertised (not working) to play dvds with menus and all.

I have been playing with this same problem all day and have found that if I added an extension to the folder name (“movie name”.mp4) the ripped DVD movie appeared in Sapphire.
I can then get the metadata with posters etc which looks great but I can’t play the DVD from Sapphire as all I get is (Error DVD playback is not supported by AppleTV). So to play the movies I have to go back to NitoTV. I believe that this is correct but I’m not sure?
I presume this is an error in the latest version of Sapphire (“expecting an extension”) but again not sure as to the correct usage as the video guides have not caught up with the new versions of AppleTV and Sapphire software.

When you play it in nitotv do you get the DVD menu? On mine it just starts the movie from the beginning with no control.

What program do you use to rip DVDs (mac) in order to use menus and all?

Hi another newbie here.
Having the same problems with sapphire when trying to use, Populate File Data, Fetch Movie Data, Import All Data, I get the ‘Initializing’ Scanning Directory…/scratch/volumes/my sb hard disc and then nothing happens.
Also if I try Movies nothing happens.

I am using aTV vesion 4.0.6 and the latest version of sapphire. DVD’s ripped using Rippit.

Can anyone out there help??

I’m having the same issues with ripped DVD’s and per atvflash support -->>

Unfortunately Sapphire does not currently support DVD files. nitoTV is the only application that will play or even recognize these files.

I have the exact same problem as Merlin mentioned above.


Thanks in advance

Yes, unfortunately Sapphire does not support importing or playing ripped DVD files. NitoTV is the only application that will support these.

Well, XBMC works for playing ripped DVDs also…

Hello All,

Also a newbie here. From what I understand, Nito plays DVD rips while the Sapphire media browser is only interested in avi’s and divx’s that you create or download.
I think what we’re all saying is it would be nice if Nito had a similar ‘covert art and info’ feature as well.

Not sure this feature will ever happen in Nito as it means an extra database somewhere or adding info into to the ripped dvd folder.