Import All Data freezes Apple TV

Every time I try to Import All Data w Sapphire it freezes the Apple TV and the only option is a restart. Any fix.

I recently bought a new HD and copied all my movies and tv shows to it and at the same time updated to the new ATV software 3.02 and the associated ATVFlash (I was on 3.01 and ATVFlash before).

Doing the fetch movie data or tv show data from Sapphire hangs the ATV. Or appears to hang it…??
It will scan a few files and then get to the first question on whether a file is a movie or not and then the remote just won’t respond.

After a reboot and second attempt it did it again just on a different file.

After a reboot and third attempt same thing. This time I got fed up and just pressed the remote buttons frantically and I could see after a few the light on the ATV flicker so I thought it might not be hung after all, just reaaaaaly slow to respond. I left it… about 5 minutes+ later it started to respond to those clicks and did a few random things.

Seeing this as a fail I deleted the info and started again.
Same thing…

Now I am getting pi$$ed. Every time I have to reboot it is 10+ odd minutes boot time!!!
I have a 1TB WD drive with about 600GB of movies/tv shows. The more data I have the slower the boot time. Is the software reading the whole bloody drive every time it boots or what?

Has anyone tested with a real life scenario of lots of data?

I personally don’t see the point in surfing the net through ATV so I really wish the developers would stop bringing updates to Couch Surfer and fix things like Sapphire which is more useful.

Any ideas on how to solve?

For more info I finally bit the bullet and did a factory reset, re-downloaded 4.1 and installed and still Sapphire freezes/crashes/hangs whatever…

I have lost all patience for it and no longer use it. I hope a fix for this is coming soon as this is the ONLY feature of ATVFlash I use.

I’m having the same issues. I have a 2TB with 1.2TB of movies in them. It doesn’t take 10mins to boot, more like 5mins. But everytime i try to import all data, it freezes at about 90%. When i look in “Movies”, i have some files that says “Request Limit Reached”.

This is a known issue but a workaround is posted here: