Import a second Onedrive account?

Est ce bien possible ?
Visiblement cela bugge à partir de l’appli et cela n’a pas l’air d’etre possible via l’Apple TV !?

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Good morning,
Is this really possible?
Obviously this is buggy from the app and it doesn’t seem to be possible via Apple TV!?

Again, please also post in English so that you get the most users looking at your questions and a better chance of getting answers. :wink:

I think for online accounts you might have to add them from another device with a web browser then sync them using iCloud.

People haven’t had much luck adding multiple OneDrive accounts as I believe OneDrive has limitations in place for this.

However, what you can do is login with your main OneDrive account, and then share folders/content from other OneDrive accounts to that main account. This will allow you to access everything via a single OneDrive account in Infuse.

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I tried using six different accounts of 1TB OneDrive with Infuse. And it worked. I made the setup on Infuse in my iPad. After the update/readthrough of all my videos placed inside these six accounts, I went to my ATV and the let the syncing do the trick.

But - I find using OneDrive to slow (even my connection is fiber at 1 GBit/second). Especially when you want to search through a video. And the speed has nothing to do with the number of accounts connected. OneDrive is simply to slow for my taste. The playback worked for the most part. The slow ‘fast forward’ killed the idea for me.