iMovie buffering - Infuse and ATV4


I make home movies in 1080 using iMovie. I save them onto a hard drive connected by usb to an Apple time capsule.

Mostly these movies stutter and are unplayable by infuse. Buffering several times for long periods throughought short videos.

If I then save them to iTunes and play them from my Mac over wireless, it may take a few seconds of initial buffering and then the video plays all the way through.

I was subscribing to infuse but this problem made me give it up. I like the idea of having all my videos in one place and off my Mac once I have completed them. I thought infuse would be the ticket but this buffering issue is really frustrating. Does anyone know how I might fix this?



I would like to (kinda) second this post on an AppleTV 4. I keep getting MKV Bluray 1080p bufferings every 30 secs to a few minutes. Tried both hardwired (Ethernet is limited to 100Mbps) and wireless (250 Mbps down&up) to no avail. Normal 1080p MP4 videos run off my iTunes flawlessly.

Also DVD 480p quality movies run no problem on Infuse Pro, it’s the higher bandwith streaming that keeps buffering. Any suggestions on settings I should change?

I am using SMB, streaming from a gigabit hardwired mac using a USB 3 hard drive on a USB port.

So your media is on a USB 3 HDD thats connected to a Mac and youre sharing that media via SMB? Thats strange. I wonder if it’s a problem with the SMB protocol. I doubt it’s a bandwidth issue if all your media is on your LAN. I keep my media on G Suite for Business and run a Plex VPS and have no issues with streaming/buffering. Maybe try usinf NFS instead of SMB?

Have you tried the different SMB options in Infuse?

Settings > Network > Shares > Saved Shares > (select share) > Edit Share (near the bottom of screen) > SMB Version > Auto, SMB3, SMB2, SMB1, Legacy

I use auto without problems but others have reported that switching to “Legacy” cured buffering problems.

I’d say try them all and see if any help your issue.

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Sweet, thanks for the suggestion, I tried all of them and lastly, “Legacy” took care of my 1080p Bluray buffering issues!!! 4K streaming still buffering but I really don’t have much 4K content anyways so no issue there for now.

What’s the best way to setup a NFS share on a Mac? Or is it complicated?

Maybe this will help…

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and only auto, SMB1 and legacy would save. On each of these settings I still had the same buffering problem.

So I still have the problem of not having pause free iMovies from the hard drive attached via USB to my time capsule (and then wireless to the appletv which is about 20cm away). But on the appletv playing the same video wirelessly from the other side of the house from my Mac iTunes library, I see it buffer for a short period until it can run the whole video and then it runs perfectly.

Does anyone have any further thoughts on this?

Thanks a lot.