IMDB + Rotten Tomato Ratings

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Can someone please explain the purpose of the so called Ratings - they make absolutely no sense at all - they have no comparison whatsoever to either IMDb, tomato or popcorn and so are basically a complete and utter waste of time - even more ridiculous is if you go back and refresh the metadata on a movie the rating will continually change - it’s a daft and un-needed facility - any reason why we can’t have PROPER ratings like Plex ???

The ratings are from Trakt and they change like other rating services do because voting continues and ratings change.

Once you rate a movie Infuse will display your rating instead.

But who needs dufus TRAKT ratings - useless and meaningless - Infuse is a superior product with licenses for thetvdb and thmvdb - so y not use PROPER demanded ratings from IMDb, Tom,popcn etc - pointless in having ratings that are not real ratings and ones that change more than I change my socks


There’s a currently running thread in suggestions I’m moving this to.

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+1. Yes please!

Don’t hold your breath lol

@s1bar1 What on Earth do you mean.

  1. It’s the most liked ‘Suggestion’ for Infuse.
  2. The first full acknowledged request on this thread was made 3 years ago.
  3. There is practically no feedback from any of the Infuse development team (if a team even exists).
  4. We never get any idea or indication if any suggestions are being considered or implemented.

Based on the above, I think we’ve got every reason to expect this feature to be added in the next release! :joy:

Maybe a ‘Suggestion’ would be to make the Suggestion section a bit more two way. What’s the point of having this section if there’s no communication from the devs on the most popular suggestions? Just my suggestion.


I haven’t laughed so much since OJ got off !!! Thank you for cheering a very depressing day up :wink:

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As a Plex user I’ve gotten addicted to seeing and reading the Rotten Tomatos scores and reviews prior to playing a movie. I also like having the detailed cast listings. Is there any chance those features could find their way into Infuse?

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Is it possible to integrate ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb for Pro users? I see that have this option for VIP users.


Rates from rotten tomatoes please!

Already running here IMDB + Rotten Tomato Ratings

Please add your support in that thread :slight_smile:

James, with regard to all things video and audio you and Infuse have done an amazing job creating the superior and most elegant video player. While I respect your priorities for features, please don’t forget one of the most challenging tasks your users have when they’re using Infuse— selecting which movie or tv show to watch.

Many users spend a great deal of time deciding what to watch or greeting the everyone in the room to agree on something to watch next. Please help us with those decisions by adding features and meta like Rotten Tomatoes reviews, Rotten Tomato ratings, trailers and more detailed cast lists that have head shots and let us cross reference. For TV shows we need to see the date aired, and it’d be fun to hear the theme songs as we read season and episode synopsis.

Keep up the great work!

Itzme - from it’s me :wink: TV show air date IS shown on ATV ?
Regarding “proper” ratings as opposed to the pretend ratings that we have at present - it’s something that A LOT of us have been asking for for YEARS now - unfortunately it has been and still is completely ignored and uncommented on by James :frowning: - sometimes it’s the REALLY SIMPLE things that make a good or great product an incredible product and focussing on really technical stuff like Dolby vision (eg) is not as important to us as it seems to be to the developers. It took 3 years of emailing to get tv episode air dates shown. Plex set the BASIC parameters of user requirements FIRST in their development before concentrating on the more hidden technical stuff. The lack of Move ratings is the Single-most downside to infuse but also the most requested ??? Go figure.

IMDB + Metacritic would be my preferred combo. But having an option in the settings to choose 2 out of a few options would surely satisfy almost everyone.

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