IMDB + Rotten Tomato Ratings

  • ability to of course set own IMDB rating after watching.

So looking forward to when this is implemented :slight_smile:

This would be so great for this app!

Not having to open up my phone to check ratings would be great. The experience would be so much more immersive.

Yes, please implement this, it would really improve the experience!


This would be great, but only if the ratings show properly on your screen. Much of the time under the current implementation, they do not:

In my opinion, It should display the ratings like Plex does, just the source icon and the exact rating number. Even better if it could display that for more than one rating source.

It would be great just seeing the iMDB-rating in the movie info page.

+1 for Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic


+1 for Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic

IMDB ratings are well thought out, well implemented and well presented which would add huge value to the metadata within Infuse.
Even if I personally would rate any given title differently than that offered by IMDB, I can always appreciate why the given rating has been achieved as I accept that my preferences aren’t necessarily the same as that of the masses. This breeds trust in the information which is essential (even if, as I said, I would guess differently).
Add to this the fact it is respected by the ‘trade’ with Actors, crew, and industry executives subscribing in order to promote themselves & contribute, not to mention their weighted rating system (where the votes of the learned industry professionals and publicised critics have a higher effect on the rating than the vote of say, a day 1 new subscriber for example) are based on an algorithm that is monitored and altered as necessary to ensure the highest value given.

TLDR; IMDB ratings would be amazeballs!

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100% agree, Letterboxd is my go to for ratings these days, then IMDb.

+1 for Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and Metacritic.


+1, IMDB, rotten tomatoes or whatever…

Should be great!



It would be even better if you could click the rating to read a few reviews from either IMDb or Rotten.

+1. I really just want meta-critic as this is the one I trust the most. I don’t trust the current star rating because it averages so nearly all the titles in my collection at 3.5 stars. Meta-critic is specifically from film critics so more focused score from people who take reviewing movies very seriously.