IMDB reference in Filename to tell Infuse what movie is in our Library?


We know the best way to tell infuse about what movie it is in your library would be a .nfo file, but I have read that you can tell Plex what is your movie by putting the IMDB reference into the filename, and that way we can have a plain folder structure with all movies on it without the need of a NFO / JPG file.

I would like to know if something like this shoud work in Infuse:

That way, you can put:

Troya (2004) [tt0332452].mkv

Would this be possible?

You ask if this “should work” and the short answer is no. Infuse doesn’t scan for identifiers after the year in the file name except for occasionally on TV shows and it also doesn’t pull metadata from IMDB it pulls from themoviedb. If you meant “could work” them maybe but I’d think it should be the number from themoviedb instead of IMDB.

Are you having problems with many movies? I find very few that I need to edit the metadata for and that’s usually do to an incorrect year or misspelling in the file name.

Thanks for your help. I am not having problems with many movies, but I have a movie colletion of about 2.500 movies and I am having problems with around 40 movies.

I can try using local metadata but it has some others problems that I will explain in another post, to don’t mix up.

Do you think it could be a possibility to put TMDB reference in the filename so Infuse will know exactly what movie it is? I think would be a great feature for future updates.

Something like…

Movie title (year) [TVDB XXXXX].ext

Please discuss this in the existing thread here.

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