Image stuttering on Apple TV HD

NFS hasn’t helped me. It started good when I changed my shares from SMB to NFS, but it’s back to being laggy as hell to navigate. Laggy as hell to change the watched status. Stuttering when a video file is started, random stuttering when viewing.

Overall I feel like the general experience is declining with Infuse. Which is a shame as it was great once.

I know you’ve been hammering on this a while but have you done a force quit on Infuse and checked after you restart the app?

I had a miserable lag on changing screens and in general navigating around Infuse and this helped for a bit. It started with one of the tvOS 14 updates and seems to be somewhat stable since 14.4.

Also did you try turning off all apps other than Infuse in the ATV settings for background refresh?

Yeah, done that.

Done this also.

I know you’re trying to help, and it’s appreciated (like it is with everyone you help), but I’ve kind of given up now. I’m started to look at other options for my home media.

Did it make ANY difference on the ability to navigate around in Infuse at all even if it didn’t last?

I’m really sorry I’m batting zero on this. I have 2 ATV4s and 2 ATV4Ks and while the ATV4s are a bit slower moving around Infuse compared to the 4Ks they are still very smooth since 14.4.

If I can beat on mine a bit more to see if I can duplicate what your seeing I’ll let ya know.

Since you’re kind of at the end of your rope and since you said you primarily use your ATV for media/Infuse have you thought about wiping the ATV completely by doing a reset in the ATV System settings? That’s kind of the nuclear option but with just the one or two apps it may blow out the dust a bit.

I suppose it’s something to consider. I mean, that’ll be my absolute last resort if I do that.

I use my AtvHD for media only (no games and other apps, so Infuse, Netflix, APrime, Disney+, and so on) so it’s not really getting usage other than to provide those services. Now despite running those services, I still like having my favourite stuff all in one place for a one stop shop. So I hammer Infuse more than anything.

The only thing I can add is that if you don’t have very fast Internet, syncing with iCloud and or tracked will take some time. If you wait until all the syncing is done before you start playing a video does that help? Secondly, not all video files play well on the fourth GEN Apple TV. If you have things like VC1 or H265 you are going to run into problems

I have fast internet, which I pay heavily for :slight_smile:

I don’t use VC1, but I do run lower bitrate 10bit X265 files.

It’s important to note that I’ve gone from 0 issues to a laggy, stutters experience with Infuse. Which is not unique to just me.

We have a number of changes coming in the next update to address a few reports of general app slowness on the ATV 4 in particulr. This isn’t specific to video playback, but is more an issue of app launch times and browsing. There is a thread where this is discussed here.

So this is newer than what you had me download as a beta? Or is it what the beta is leading to?

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So… I got a new Apple TV 4K, I set I to 1080p SDR, with a movie from SeedHost, still image stutter…
Then I tried to stream from my Synology Nas DS918+ on SMB3, that worked! But if I set it to 4K SDR or HDR, (still a 1080p file) the problems come back… so maybe a buffer issue?

Have you tried SMB2? or the legacy SMB? The security layer on SMB3 may be causing just enough lag to cause problems.

We’ve added a few improvements in today’s 6.6 update which are aimed at resolving some reports of app slowness.

If you’ve been seeing issues, please try this new update and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Hi, had also the same problems with my ATV 4K and Infuse Pro, but the problem seems to be resolved. Update 14.5 beta 2 & Infuse 6.6 seems ok !!
Just 1 movie in 1080p at this moment… promising :grinning:

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I am also still testing from my DS916+ (smb2) -No problems so far… (1080p, 60herts, SDR)

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Unfortunately the issue is not solved, yesterday I was watching a movie (1080p/ 24hz) as an .iso which was oké, but tonight checked several files (h.264/ HEVC all 24 Hz) with still some frame jiggering every 20 á 30 secs, nothing changed in the settings :see_no_evil:

If you’re using 14.5 you can follow this thread for updates.

Watched a movie yesterday from Seedbox (ftp) 1080p, 60hz, SDR, Apple TV4K (infuse 6.6.6) No proplems!

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