Image quality Infuse vs competition

OK, so I’ve been using both Infuse and MrMC for the past year, each one for different reasons. But I can’t get out of my head that regarding HDR movies I get a better image quality from Infuse rather than MrMC, I have the impression it’s more vivid. I am using only AVFoundation codec in MrMC for every kind of video file but they too recommend this one for 4K HDR movies and not the VideoToolBox. So is there really a noticeable difference or is it a placebo effect or some other kind of mind trick?

If there was only one setting that satisfied everyone there wouldn’t be options.

What ever YOU feel is the better picture, stick with it.

Different strokes for different folks! :wink:

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That’s nice to hear. :slight_smile:

AFAIK, Infuse is still the only 3rd party player which is able to display reference-level ‘near blacks’ for HDR content, which allows for higher contrast (and higher overall picture quality).