Image quality improvement on 1080p or lower resolution content

I am using Apple TV with Infuse for couple of months, while the image quality of 1080p is not as good as the other player, e.g. KODI on Sony TV.

Once i set the output resolution of Apple TV to 1080p/60hz, the image quality is much better on 1080p video, sharp and clear, i mean as good as other player.If set to 4K/60hz, the image quality while playing 1080p video will be degraded.

My TV is Sony OLED A8f, my assumption the TV OS has optimization on low resolution content, such as 1080p video. Thus image quality is improved while AppleTV output as 1080p/60hz.

Is there possibility to adaptively set output resolution by Infuse, according to video original resolution. This will be helpful to leverage the optimization from TV/Display, making IQ better.


Apple does not allow for dynamic resolution switching. All apps have to use either apples or their own upscaler