Image processing settings adding graininess/noise

Do you have any control of image processing settings on the atv4k? I suspect there are some sharpening processing on the atv that is causing a grainy noisy picture in some 4K uhd movies. For example fifth element. I’m watching on an LG oled 55 b7.


There are a few issues related to HDR which are affecting some video types, so it’s possible the fixes we’re working on will resolve the issues you are seeing.

More info here.

I have the same TV. I watched a UHD bluray remux of Fifth Element, both via Infuse and the TV’s built in USB player and both looked very similar.

I think it’s just a very grainy movie. Any shot with visual effects is also rendered at 2K in this film.

That’s interesting and good to know. Thankyou! Hopefully it’s not a ‘feature’ of the specific tv processing. It would be good to hear from someone else with a similar Samsung or Panasonic tv…?

I suggest playing some 4K animated content to help test this. Since it shouldn’t have film grain, it might be easier to tell.

My setup doesn’t have grain on animated movies.

It’s odd that fifth does though as the 4k version is highly reviewed. Hmmm…

Fifth element was a movie filmed with crappy chemical stock in 90s. It’s grainy. Want to see a modern crappy grain? American Made filmed like that in purpose.

Grain isn’t a bad thing so shouldn’t necessary affect review scores. It’s even being artificially added in the recent marvel shows on netflix (though I have to say that I don’t like it’s use their). You’ll almost certainly see grain on 4k releases of older movies as it’s present in the source. I’d recommend turning your TV sharpness setting down to zero as this can exacerbate grain but if you’re already at zero then you’re seeing the film as it should be seen. I’m confident that Infuse isn’t causing it though…it certainly doesn’t on any 4k sources I’m viewing and I have a very similar tv to yours (65E6)

Good to know. Thanks.