iMac to ATV streaming


I have recently installed ATV on my Apple TV and successfully connect it to my iMac.

But the problem is that when i play media file on iMac thru NitoTV most of, i mean, all of avi, wma files are not playing smoothly. sometimes it hangs then crash Apple TV and reboots itself. many times it stops or gets slow. Apparently it is nor playing back those files seamlessly.

here is my setting.

iMac: wireless connection via Airport with 300 Mbit/s Link Speed.

AppleTV: wired to Airport (Ethernet)

Typical file format: AVI 700M H264 or Xvid

Please advise



There are a few things you can try to improve video playback.

  1. Change file playback mode to Quicktime in nitoTV --> Settings --> General
  2. Disable the 'Apple H.264' item located in the Maintenance --> Settings menu.
  3. Restart the AppleTV.